Organization wide teams & visibility - is it possible to put it in the top of the list of all Teams?

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We have created a Organization Team - but is it possible to sort the different teams in a way so that the Organization team will always(!) be at the top in the client? A lot of our users are members of 10+ different Teams and we do not want the org-wide Team do drown in the list, but rather having it on the top.

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Users can pin a channel from that Team to keep it in the top of the list, but only that channel not the whole Team. There is a uservoice request for something similar to what you are asking for:


The order of the Teams are up the each user to decide themselves so they can move them up or down and change the order with "drag and drop". The order will be kept as long as the Team is active and not moved down to inactive Teams.

There are multiple uservoices open to do this administratively including this one

I have asked the team to merge these uservoices in order to pool the votes, and I would recommend voting on them. I have also raised another uservoice here, not specifically on pinning, but being able to specifically set a Teams policy from the Teams Admin Centre which will order/organise specific Teams, similar to an app setup policy

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Nope, unfortunately not. However, your best course of action is make sure you are utilizing proper @team mentions. This will make sure they see the content via Alert/ Activity feeds.

A better option, to achieve the same thing, is to activate Microsoft Viva Connection @Håvard Kristiansen

By activating Viva Connection you'll add the company logo as an app in Teams, and Viva Connection is intranet (aka Modern SharePoint site) merged with Teams. And, on the SharePoint site which is the intranet, you can add adaptive cards, which then are linked to relevant channels in the company Teams. 


Check it out here: Viva Connections Employee Communication Solution | Microsoft Viva

Overview of Viva Connections Extensibility | Microsoft Docs

Adaptive Card Extensions and Teams Apps | Microsoft Docs