Open Teams App from Outlook Meeting Invite

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Saw a post on this topic from last year but no clear resolution for it. 


Scenario - User clicks "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link from Outlook. This opens the default web browser and gives you the option to join via web or to launch the app, but it does not launch Teams app automatically. 


On my own system

Chrome - Without interaction, the Teams app auto launches almost immediately after the browser opens

IE/Edge - Teams app does not open until i click "launch app"


On other systems in my org that i have tested

IE/Edge - Without interaction, the Teams app auto launches

Chrome - Teams app does not open until "launch app" is clicked


Looking for the setting that controls this. Since Chrome settings don't have the same setting options as IE or Edge (pre-chromium version). 


Team Office Add in is Active and Teams is set as the default chat app for office

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@DevonM did you ever figure this out?

That's pretty annoying. How is it that this problem doesn't bother anyone else? Do you guys start meeting only within Teams? Is there any workaround?

Still no resolution for this?  As our org is transitioning to Teams, this is driving us crazy. @DevonM 

We have the same problem. Any News?


When i change the standard Webbrowser to Firefox the meeting link will be open first in the browser and then automatically in the app.


Edge and IE doenst work.

@LeSchloegel2 Hi all, the status for this request is "working on it".


"Clicking on the join button in an Outlook reminder takes you to the browser to launch Teams today. The work to bypass the browser and directly launch Teams is being worked on. We’ll update when we have more details."

@DevonM I usually click the link, however I have only just realised that there is a button at the top of the Outlook invite/email called 'Join Teams Meeting' to open the meeting directly in Teams.  Now I just need to remember to use the button instead of the link.



@ChristianBergstrom According to this suggestion, Microsoft has fixed it in Outlook:


"We’re pleased to announce that all meeting join entry points have been addressed in Outlook for Windows and Mac.
- For customers keeping current on the monthly release channel, this update has been released.
- Customers keeping current on the semi-annual release channel for Outlook will get this this Summer, with a gradual roll out scheduled to begin in mid-July."

@JoshBailey Great! Thanks for the heads up. They really should have merged these two as the above UserVoice has far more votes.



There is a solution to this issue.

The problem is that Edge seems to block the processing of links to the Teams app unless you explicitly tell it to trust teams. This is done by setting the policy URLAllowList with the value msteams://*    You can set this policy through the group policy editor, or directly in the registry if your machines are not AD managed. 

We have not seen the issue in Chrome or other browsers, but if others do experience the same in their version of Chromium, adding the msteams://* to the equivalent of URLAllowList will do the same trick.


The fix solves the issue of Outlook links pausing at the browser, but not the fact that a tab is opened with the Launcher page on it. This tab does not go away, until manually removed by the user - annoying! To resolve this I have created a little Chromium based browser extension that will close the Teams (and BlueJeans) launcher page after it has done its work. If the browser has no other tabs then it is closed as well, so the user does not even notice that Outlook opened the browser or tab. 


I'll be publishing the extension in the Chrome store shortly. Look out for an extension written by Rubber Duck Software.  If you are interested in knowing more contact me for details!

@DevonM Not sure if you are running on a Windows 10 system but you can also change the app associated with the protocol in the Settings


@Forrest Hoffman 


I have the setting in my protocol list, but it still goes to Edge:



I suppose the URL in your links being sent are using a different protocol to launch the browser instead. This solution may not be the resolution for you but it may offer insight on how to resolve.

@Forrest Hoffman 


Actually there is some good news - Outlook 20-02 fixes the link issue by calling Teams directly. I suspect it respects the protocol you identified. 

I will not be publishing the Extension (unless anyone specifically asks for it) 

@ChrisAyers, please send an Extension. It will be compatible with Office 2013?

The extension is compatible with all Chromium based browsers and all versions of Office.

The extension mentioned above is live:

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store - Extensions (
  2. Enter dobpbiifmofcdlaagglbchamihcmooff into the search box
  3. Click to install into your browser



  1. Go to Chrome Web Store - Extensions (
  2. Enter dobpbiifmofcdlaagglbchamihcmooff into the search box
  3. Click to install into your browser