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Dear Community, I was wondering why Microsoft limited only to four(4) people in a video conference, currently we've had a 15 people to join a townhall in our company but only four persons in a video call are allowed. As far as i know the limit of video calls are up to 20people

Meetings and calls

TABLE 5Feature Maximum limit
Number of people in a meeting250
Number of people in a video or audio call from chat20



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Currently you will only see four active speakers, that will be increased to nine soon (May). So if you are 15 people in the meeting the 4 (9 soon) latest active speakers will be shown with their video.


If you have a group chat you will only be able to start a video conference from that if you are 20 participants or less in that group chat.


If you schedule a meeting or invite to a meeting you can be 250 participants in that meeting.

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hi linus,


thank you for your reply. looking forward in to it.



Hi Linus,

Actually my problem is the opposite :=). Now that they rolled out the 9 video support, Microsoft Surface Go is struggling with decoding and displaying all videos. This results in system being very sluggish and unresponsive. I was wondering if there is a way to limit the number of videos (i.e. 4 as before) that would appear simultaneously on the screen. 

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@atemizel No, I don't think you can change the UI to 2x2 but you could pin a video to only see that video, maybe not a solution. 

Hi Linus,

Just to informed you that we'd see 9 participants in a video conference yesterday.

Thank you for the updates to make 9 video instead of 4. Very much appreciated!

Hopefully it will add more. :)


@Linus Cansby Thanks! 

I'll try this, could be useful in some cases.

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Hello, I want to set up a Teams video call with > 30 participants, but only 2-4 at a time shall actively use Video & Audio, all others shall turn cameras off and go on mute. 

Does someone know if that works?

Thanks Raymond for raising the question. I have a follow-up one:


Dear Community, We know now it is possible to see up to 49 video attendees in 'Together mode' or in 'Large gallery' in one screen, what if there are 150 participants, are we able to see the next set of 49 people videos in this mode? In zoom you can go to the next page directly. Accoring to Zoom the max supported number is 147 (screen by screen). What is the maximum videos attendees in MS Teams meeting? Thanks

@MHB777 You should be able to see multiple page with 9 (Gallery) or 49 videos (Large gallery). So if you are more than 49 participants with video on page 1 you can switch to page 2.

@Alex_Zwetz You can set that video should be turned off for attendees.

Super, thanks Linus, that's really helpful to know :) ...they have not mentioned what is the maximum number of videos! Thanks anyway