MS Teams programatically tap into incoming calls and accept the call (for load testing)

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In our application we are using MS Teams as the calling end point (audio only calls).


For the automated test; involving test for multiple calls (around 100 active calls) with multiple users going through our system to MS Teams users.


Physically it is not possible to have 100 users logged in to MS Teams and be online to answer the calls. 


We did try to tap into the incoming calls using the `subscription` to the `/communications/callRecords`, but as per the MS documentation there is a latency of around 10-13 minutes that we are observing. So this option is not feasible.  


We have also registered a Teams calling Bot, and able to call the bot, we are getting events on `/communications/callRecords` subscription immediately when call is initiated and we are able to answer the call using the `/communications/calls/<call-id>/answer` Graph API. But this works only with Bot and with other users and we need multiple users.


Is there a way we can mock MS Teams incoming call answer for multiple users for testing purpose?

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Can someone please provide inputs on this post.
Is there a way we can automate accepting incoming calls in Teams for testing purpose.