MS Teams Call Queues - Call agents on external numbers?

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Hello! I am trying to find out if it's possible to set a call queue to call the agents on an external number?


The scenario is:


A customer calls in to a number to create a work order. They are directed to a call queue with 5 technicians. The call queue is set to "Attendant Routing", in order to call all 5 technicians at the same time.


Those technicians sometimes have the MS Teams app installed on their mobile, sometimes do not; I would like to instead have the call queue call their cell phone numbers rather than their assigned Teams Voice Number. I am not concerned with presence based routing.


Simply - incoming call --> call 5 external cell numbers simultaneously --> end call for the 4 that do not answer.


Is this possible?

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Hey @RyanGilreath1385 ,


As far as i am aware call queues don not allow you to transfer to an external number directly, an AutoAttendant does, without any additional configuration like hybrid/direct routing etc. The way i have achieved this in past is setup simultaneous ring to an external phone number via Teams client for an enterprise voice enabled user. That way when an agent is supposed to receive a call, his cell phone would ring simultaneously as well. Last i tested simultaneous ring works even if the Teams client is logged out, not sure if that still is the case worth a shot though.


Thanks@harveer singh 

I had a feeling this was the case, but wanted to be sure.


Since I had not used the Calling plan/Phone license before, I didn't realize there were additional call setting in the Teams client! It looks like your suggestion is still valid, although I've not gotten it to ring both at the same time yet. I think it has to do with settings propagation, as changes seem to take forever to implement, so I am waiting to see.


Again, thanks for the information and time!