MS Teams Attendance Report changes...

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quick question:

why you let interns to change the format of CSV file generated by MS Teams Attendance Report?

Over 2 years, I've seen the format inside the CSV file that is generated changed like 7 times. There have been changes like:
completely changing the order of columns and their names
typos in column names 
small/uppercase mixings
completely changing date time format
completely changing the layout of columns
and many more

How is this possible, that you don't have standard for generating an end-user CSV file, that won't change 7 times, and many to come in future? Is this CSV file generation an subject of internships doing what they want in your company? Can you please provide some consistency in this?

Haven't you thought about that business might provide an apps that would analyze those reports, and if you keep changing them for 0 reason, you are efficiently destroying the purpose of those apps, and are against ALL best design practices of the app lifecycle?

Look below:
this is you columns inside second table inside your .csv that you are delivering, each row represents your change in the format of delivering, and this is only an example, since you changed date format 2 times, or got rid of some rows in first table describing the meeting call.




Full Name	Join Time	Leave Time	Duration	Email	Role	Participant ID (UPN)

Name	First join	Last leave	In-meeting duration	Email	Participant ID (UPN)	Role

Name	First Join	Last Leave	In-meeting duration	Email	Participant ID (UPN)	Role

Name	First Join	Last Leave	In-Meeting Duration	Email	Participant ID (UPN)	Role




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