MS team slide shared delayed at the participants

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Recently we are facing a huge latency on Teams while sharing presentations via share screen means while the presenter in slide #8, some participants in slide 2 or 4 ( lagging), we checked the call health we find some packet loss may reach 10 - 20%.


network team checked the internal network and they find nothing in all layers!


we opened a couple of tickets with MS team support without more help to identify the root cause of the issue or find the solution.


any experiences with the same?


thanks for understanding and supporting!



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Your network team may have said that the internal network is okay, but are they including the internet?
Are proxy servers used?
Is there any port blocking?

But most importantly, share the PowerPoint, not your screen. That should bring immediate response.
Hello Ed Woodrick,

Thanks for your responsiveness and cooperation!!

(1) yes, the network team confirmed that the network is okay in addition to that the MS network connectivity test showed All connectivity tests passed !!

(2) the internet showed less than 50% utilization and all other services are working fine including zoon with the same testing

(3) no proxy servers are used, we are using a firewall as a proxy directly

(4) no blocking ports shown at the firewall traffic

sometimes, we need to need share screens instead of powerpoint live!

thanks again and I do appreciate it if you have any ideas or tips!

best regards

Your organization group might have said that the inner organization is OK, however would they say they are including the web?
Are intermediary servers utilized?
Is there any port obstructing?


the organization network was validated by using and the result shown passed on the connectivity

We have exactly the same trouble... Trying to catch the problem for 2-3 months with no success...( But almost all colleagues say that they are facing such delays only from office network... So, we are thinking towards our ISP office provider. Also we tested it via WiFi and LAN office connections and results are the same... There is no help neither from ISP no from MS support regarding with issue...(
Thanks for your response, let us share the knowledge and result together !!
We have the same problem so we used Powerpoint Live but when we have a PDF... It's a nightmare.
Have you found a solution since?
Thanks for you help
Any luck finding a solution? We're facing the very same problem and the Teams Admin Center shows 20-50% packet loss - but only for screen sharing with 50+ participants onsite behind the firewall. Audio is never an issue, and I can't speak to video because everyone is conditioned to not use it due to the issues.
exactly facing the same problem!!! this issue happen only on presenter mode while sharing powerpoint. I try several network, but still facing the same problem. currently, I switch to join Teams meeting from browser when I need to use powerpoint presenter mode, which will not the same issue as I use Teams App directly. Still require Microsoft to provide the solution for it.
We just recently had the issue resolved for us. The fix was our ISP made packet shaping changes that affect burst traffic. We still see packet loss anywhere from 10-30% at higher volumes, but the user experience is so significantly improved that the packet loss isn't noticeable. We can even see animations as PowerPoint slides progress and near real-time updates as the presenter flips between screens.