MS team no presenter mode or standout

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hi, i could not find the presenting mode and standout mode in my MS Teams. How?

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AFAIK this is not yet generally available although it should be soon. Enable public preview by going to the settings -> about
If you can’t see the option it’s disabled by the admin


@adam deltinger Enable public preview by going to the settings -> about >> I don't understand. What program do you set?

I m in the same situation. I already have the public preview. Where is the option for the admin to unhide this mode ?
I thought it's only me in Public Preview of Edu tenant that still do not have those features. I also do not have dynamic view. And they do not explain anything about why those features are still not available even for Public Preview after they announced that those features have been released for Public Preview. They just keep announce the availability of those features in their blogs but shut up to explain why we still don't have it yet.