Missing CREATE TEAMS button within Desktop App

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I am a Global Admin and have successfully created many new Teams via the Sharepoint website. My issue is that I am unable to create a new Team via the Teams Desktop App - as the button is simply... missing.


I have read many forum posts here in an attempt to resolve and the latest one advised competing the below actions, which have been done:


  1. Created a specific group called AllowedToCreateGroups. See screenshot here: https://gyazo.com/575d10a20e89417911b945805c370604.
  2. Ran the Windows Powershell script to assign group creation permissions to this group, see screenshot here: https://gyazo.com/1677e967218d149e0e461a635fea4f9c and here: https://gyazo.com/e6d465f336fc73a57023b1ca0ed3ce76 but what is odd, is that the documentation here, shows a screenshot of a GroupId that gets created, but I don't see that ID?

Here's a screenshot from Microsoft Teams, showing that I can only JOIN and not CREATE a team: https://gyazo.com/70e6ce1ccbd01974b49edf2f42ef4d54.


Any advice on what to try and what is causing this issue?


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But: Did you disable Teams creation at some point?

@Juan Carlos González Martín We've been on Office 365 for quite a few years now, and yes, it's possible that Teams was disabled at some point as we were not ready to use it as a business.


Are you suggesting this could have been the issue? If yes, surely there's a way to resolve this as it doesn't seem like odd use case to me that someone may have Teams disabled and then want to re-enable it?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


I too have the missing Teams button, how do I bring it back? No idea where it went, I am new to Teams and this is a very bad start....