Missing code snippet within the message received by bot

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I have prepared bot on msteams and I want to read messages from the user to the bot.
Everything works well for text messages. But I have a problem with code snippets (click Format > More options > </> Code snippet). In the bot activity sent to bot, there is no text for my message. In the Attachments list I can see one Attachment with HTML content:
"<div><div><span itemid=\"df9b2239c7964d1abbdfae09a0da2f98\" itemscope=\"\" itemtype=\"http://schema.skype.com/InputExtension\"><span itemprop=\"cardId\"></span>\n\n</span></div>\n</div>"

There is a missing part with the code.
What should I do? Where can I find the full content of the snippet?


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@Weronika_Mularczyk  i have the same problem , i can't read the contents of the card got from the share location extension on mobile teams. i can also only see one attachment in the turn_context.activity.attachments 


"{'additional_properties': {}, 'content_type': 'text/html', 'content_url': None, 'content': '<div> <span itemid=\"bfb101ece45946be988be560a74322f2\" itemscope=\"\" itemtype=\"http://schema.skype.com/InputExtension\"> </div></span>', 'name': None, 'thumbnail_url': None}",


I too am facing the similar issue. Did you found any way to extract information from this.