Microsoft Teams on MAC wont let me change log in

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I have spent 5 hours trying to figure out how to sign into my WORK account. I have tried deleting keychains, I have tried searching for folders mentioned in other strings, and I do not have any. I have uninstalled, SEVERAL times, I have restarted the computer several times. There is no option to change the log in account on the desktop app. 

When i do attempt to log in with the shown account, it sends me to a never ending loop "password > last 4 of cell > code > password" over and over and over... never letting me sign in! 

HELP! please... I was on the phone with Microsoft tech support- they did nothing but respond "I have never had this problem and i sign in 
 I have attached two screen shots, in one you will see I cannot get in. the other was taking me there, but i cannot click on the change accounts. 

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Hi @Ltoombs   For personalized technical assistance, I recommend you open a ticket at

I am having the EXACT same issue! Were you able to get any help from Microsoft?
NONE! they were worthless
Unfortunately for us, the solution was to go back to Slack and Zoom.. never again.


I got mine to work! Here's what I did, I hope this works for you:

I forced quit then deleted the Teams desktop app. Then I went back to the Microsoft Teams website to download the desktop app again but instead of clicking "sign in", I clicked "sign up for free" and I was able to input my work email and follow all of the steps from there. I had to do this process twice but it worked on the second time. Also, I should mention, I already have my work email set up in my email accounts on my Mac. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it but just wanted to share the entire picture. 


Hi you must disconnect other microsoft account from all microsoft product like Office

delete old account password

Then you can setup an other account for teams.


@Mohye97 @Ltoombs @andrearichter 


Tried below on Mac but still didn't help me . Any other option?  please help 

1. uninstall & install again 

2. Clear cache , cookies ,

3. uninstall >Restart > install

4. Delete all microsoft accounts/office suite

5. Download for signup for free option 

. This really pathetic that there is no fresh install option .