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We had around 700 active teams archived accidently using the SDS tool. We have unarchived the teams using Powershell so everything is back up and running. The issue we have is the teams appearing as 'Hidden' to teachers and pupils. Is there a way we can 'unhide' the hidden team via powershell, or does everyone have to do it manually?


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Hi @GregRay,

as far as I know there isn’t a built-in feature in Microsoft Teams or PowerShell script (command) for administrator to use to bulk unhide all hidden teams for users.

The visibility of a team in a user’s Teams list is controlled by the individual user’s settings.
This action needs to be done by the user and can’t be controlled by an admin.

If you want to bulk visibility settings for hidden teams, you might want to consider submitting a feature request through the Microsoft Feedback portal (Microsoft Teams · Community) or clicking on "Need Help?" icon in Teams Admin Center and then on "Give Feedback" button.



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