Linking the files tab of a Teams channel to a different SharePoint site?

Toby McDaid

We have an issue in our organisation where the link between SharePoint sites and Teams is becoming tricky to manage. I'll try my best to explain.


Whenever we deploy a SharePoint site for a team or department, we have particular site collections that they go into, just to keep things neatly organised.


The problem we're facing is that I might create a site for, say, HR, that sits in our HR site collection. When I want to create a HR Teams channel, creating the Team automatically creates and attaches a SharePoint site to that channel. However, this site is not the one we want HR to use and is stored in the wrong site collection. In other words, I create the Teams channel, Teams automatically creates an empty SharePoint site for the Teams documents to be stored in, but we've already got another HR site setup which is in its correct site collection.


I'd like to be able to make the 'files' tab of the channel link to the correct HR site, not the default one the channel creates for you. I know you can easily add a new tab and select the right document library, but then any files you attach within Teams just direct to the files tab which is still connected to the wrong site.


Does anyone know how I can do this? Or, is there a way I can create the Teams channel from the HR site itself so that it doesn't automatically deploy an additional site?





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It’s not possible to link the files tab to any other library than the teams teamsite and the corresponding channel folder in that root library! What you can do is setup a sharepoint library tab in a channel going to any library you like! Or set that library as cloud storage in the standard files tab, making that library a folder in the files tab

I came across  your post today when I searched for "associating" folders with Team Files. What happend to us was that the original team file was :facepalm: Renamed or altered in some way, and vanished fron the File tab, although the original is still available by going "open in SharePoint" I tried to fix this but failed, the only thing was to  move the original  file contents back into the new folder.

Im not sure but there may be a sort of solution here to your problem buried somewhere in all this as I   noticed I can alter the permissions  in the original folder, everyone can easily reach it from Teams but only those with permissions can view edit etc. Although not a ideal solution maybe you could show users how to access using open in SharePoint.   I tried adding a Tab to reach the old file it but I cannot make it work.               @Toby McDaid 


@GAScott  I ran into a very similar issue today: when I had renamed a SharePoint documents folder, its link to the Teams "Files" tab was broken. Here is how I changed the name after all. 



I had originally created a new Team team called "MIS", the name of our business unit. Within the new team I had created a new channel called "MIS management meetings". This resulted neatly in the creation of a SharePoint site "MIS" and a folder "MIS management meetings" within the "Documents" section of the SharePoint site. 


Then, wanting to drop the "MIS" bit from the name, I renamed the Teams channel from "MIS management meetings" to "Management meetings", and all was fine.


But when I renamed the SharePoint folder from "MIS management meetings" to just "Management meetings", the "Files" tab in Teams showed up empty.


There seems to be no way in Teams to point the channel "Files" tab towards a new folder name. In other words, it seems impossible to access the metadata for the "File" tab and type a new path. 


On helpdesk fora, two other options are given: to select "Add cloud storage", or to add a new tab linking to SharePoint site. These were not what I wanted. I wanted to simply keep one single "Files" tab but redirect it to the new folder. Neither did I want to keep the old original folder name. 


What I did to solve the problem:

1. I temporarily renamed the SharePoint folder as well as the channel to their old name "MIS management meetings". This restored the content of the channel "Files" tab.  

2. I created a new empty folder on SharePoint called "Management meetings"

3. In Teams, I created a new channel called "Management meetings". This creation led to the automatic detection of the SharePoint folder, which correctly showed up as the "Files" tab.

4. In SharePoint, I moved all documents from "MIS Management meetings" to "Management meetings". As a result, the subfolders and files now showed up in the "Files" tab of the new channel "Management meetings".

5. I deleted the old channel "MIS Management meetings", accepting the loss of a few conversations within it. (Luckily we had run into this issue quickly so nothing much valuable was lost). 


The best solution would be that Teams admins could simply open the metadata for the channel "Files" tab and point it towards a different folder.



Hi ,


I am also having same requirement /issue ,can any one tell if there is any solution to this.

No, its always pointingbtobthe same location! You have to add a tab to get other locations but the files tab is stuck to the default library - channel folder
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