iPad/iPhone Airplay mirroring capability for MS Teams

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I have recently started using MS teams in my new organisation from using zoom earlier. My work requires a lot of brainstorming/ideating sessions and a whiteboard is crucial for visualising our ideas.


Earlier, in Zoom, I used to "share Screen > iPhone/iPad Airplay" and get a canvas on which I can write and draw freely with Apple pencil on iPad, but this seems to be completely missing from MS teams. The inbuilt Whiteboard on teams requires me to use trackpad which is super clumsy. I hope MS teams can integrate this feature in future release to drive productivity.




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I Whiteboard a lot in teams meeting by being in the Teams meeting on my laptop / PC and then joining the meeting on my iPad as an additional device. I can then share my iPad screen with the meeting and whiteboard with the pencil in Notes.
I think the easier option here would be to join from both your iPad and your normal PC.
Teams supports multi-device join, so your iPad will automatically mute/not join video.

Then you can share a whiteboard from there?

Other options include things like meeting rooms with content capture cameras (Supported in MTR) or the use of a whiteboard aware camera like the Huddly or Logi Scribe.

Hope this helps.
Dushyant92, I have that exact same question and, even though Adrian and James have offered helpful replies, this is super clunky of Teams in my opinion. I miss Zoom so much. I've been searching for hours to see if there is a better work around than joining two devices to a meeting but I haven't found it yet. I dread using Teams.
You don't have to join on multiple devices, you could simply join the meeting from the outset on your iPad / tablet where you want to whiteboard.