Incoming Teams Calls on iPhone Automatically Answered Current Cell call automatically put on hold

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I have a user with an iPhone that is reporting when he receives an incoming Teams call in the Teams app while he is in a cell call or other meeting app, the Teams call automatically answers and the ongoing call is automatically put on hold. 


I have not been able to locate any settings in Teams app, Teams admin, or on the iPhone that would change this setting or prevent this from happening. 


Anyone have any ideas? 

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I@MatthiasGBG I have this issue too - it answers when my headset placed on my head. Are you using a Poly/Plantronics headset?

For Poly/Plantronics headsets - If you have the Plantronics Hub software, go to Settings/Sensors & Presence. be sure to have selected the headset, not the bt600 usb adaptor.
You can turn off auto-answer there.