How to stop inappropriate responses / block persons from submitting inappropriate responses

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Hi all,


I'd like some advice. I've enabled a system where employees can submit a safety report using Microsoft forms. This system is available as a QR Code, and through tablets in the site. 


I'm currently experiencing people abusing this system and submitting inappropriate responses. 


Is there a way I can change the forms, wether it be through PowerBI or forms, to block the IP address of those who are abusing this system? 

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I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing abuse of your safety reporting system. While Microsoft Forms doesn't provide built-in functionality to block IP addresses, there are alternative approaches you can consider to address this issue. Here are a few suggestions:


1. Enable form response moderation: Microsoft Forms allows you to enable response moderation. With this feature, you can review the responses before they are published or shared with others. By enabling moderation, you can filter out inappropriate submissions and prevent them from being visible to others.

2. Implement user authentication: Require users to sign in with their Microsoft or organizational accounts before they can access the safety reporting form. By implementing authentication, you can associate each submission with a specific user, making it easier to track and address abusive behavior.

3. Monitor form submissions: Regularly review the form responses to identify patterns of abuse. Look for commonalities such as IP addresses, timestamps, or specific content. By manually monitoring the submissions, you can take note of any abusive patterns and take appropriate action.

4. Utilize Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow): You can leverage Power Automate, which integrates with Microsoft Forms, to automate certain actions based on the form responses. For example, you can set up a flow that triggers when a response contains inappropriate content or comes from a specific IP address. The flow can send notifications, log the incident, or take other actions to address the abuse.

5. Consider adding a disclaimer or warning: Add a visible disclaimer or warning message on the form, clearly stating the purpose of the system and emphasizing that misuse or abuse will not be tolerated. Sometimes, a simple reminder can discourage individuals from submitting inappropriate responses.

Remember to assess the situation carefully and consult with your organization's IT or security team to ensure that any changes or implementations align with your company's policies and guidelines.




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