How to end the meeting on Teams

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Anybody else missing the feature from Skype where you could end the meeting? Think about scenario where you have 100+ external participants on the meeting. When the meeting is over, from the security point of view I personally would like to end the meeting and nicely kick out everybody from the meeting.


Currently I can see that participants stays on the meeting even the meeting is over.

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Hi @Petri X - agreed, does seem off to not have that feature. My guess is that Microsoft's answer is to use Live Events rather than Meetings. 

@Kelly_Edingerthe meeting with 100+ attendees was only an exmple. Of course there could be a smaller meeting which are more natural online meetings. So in that sense live event is not the answer.

Hi @Petri X - you'll get no argument from me. I get that Teams is more of a 'democracy' than Skype, but we still need a lot of that main functionality. The ability to officially end a meeting shouldn't be that rare of a request. 

This actually seems to be asked already :)


Teams User Voice: Allow organizer to end meetings 


@Petri X  I have the same need - well: I will kick out each - one by one:-)...




That is painful way, but of course that is one way to get it done.

It doesn't stop the user from being able to rejoin.


@JayWilliams Hi, yes, but inside a company network it doesn't matter.
I need this functionality for meetings with partners out of company - So only solution is to gently "kick-out" users in hope they close window - and there are no way to get back thru lobby after close browser window.

@DavidPlesinger  It does matter in a school setting. A teacher kicks students, leaves, and the students can rejoin and communicate without supervision. 

@JayWilliamsWe are in the same situation, needing to be able to end a student session without them being able to rejoin. We encourage teachers to record their sessions as part of monitoring, but I guess that only applies as long as the teacher is present.

@JayWilliamsThis UserVoice topic has entered "Testing" stage yesterday, so that's a positive move forward:

Great to hear! Thanks for the heads-up!

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@JayWilliams @JohnHG 
the organizer of a meeting can now end the meeting.
in a recent update is now a "End Meeting" in the client 

End Meeting optionEnd Meeting option

Eh! Kind of good.


But that actually does not end the meeting. It only kick outs all attendees at the same time, but does not block them to rejoin anymore. If I want to end the meeting, I wish to end it. Especially if I have a function for that.


Second thing is, why not add a note for attendees: "Mary Doe has end the meeting"? Now the call just end, nobody knows why and by whom. I already can see the phone calls coming to helpdesks: "why my meeting ended??". And the answer is: "sorry, we do not know.". :cry:

There is best feature: after click end meeting lets kick-out participiants to the lobby - This functionality let organiser full control over meeting
(And then only mute all cams is missing;-)

@David Plešinger in my testing, even after removing the participants, they can rejoin and still retain access to the chat for the meeting. So in my scenario, that allows students to remain in chat without a teacher supervising. 

Yes it is nowadays scenario: if you pass someone through lobby, he can return back until he restart browser or "restart Teams app" as well - and it is not ussual case. So right functionality END feature must return attendees tu the lobby and reset their permission to pass through, right?

@David Plešinger 

Today Microsoft has not given us a possibility to lock the meetings. Attendees who could by pass lobby are:

- Everyone

- People on my organization and trusted organizations

- People on my organization

Unless your attendees are outside your organization, you cannot avoid people to re-join to your meeting.


Correct behavior is the same what text says: "End meeting". After that nobody is able to join to that meeting.


Plus, when you end meeting, it should be told to attendees, that organizer has end the meeting.

it is okay - only behavior of end meeting should be "move" attendees, who had to wait in the lobby back to the lobby.
(because I can chose who can pass by lobby and who had to wait... )
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@JayWilliams @JohnHG 
the organizer of a meeting can now end the meeting.
in a recent update is now a "End Meeting" in the client 

End Meeting optionEnd Meeting option

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