How to disable recording disclaimer before a meeting recording?

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I work with Reporters in Media, having the recording disclaimer played each time before they start a meeting recording can jeopardise their work. Hence, I am looking to find a way to turn off the disclaimer. 

Note: In Canada, we have the one-party consent rule; one participant can record without informing the others. And of course, we still maintain reasonable level of privacy. 

Any work around would be appreciated. Thank you. 

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To disable the Recording Notification -
Log into PowerShell following the steps in Step 2 above, and run "Get-CSTeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy"
Make a note of the identity as you will need this for the next command:
Set-CSTeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy -Identity {Everything after, but not including TAG:} -DisableComplianceRecordingAudioNotificationForCalls $true
To check this has worked, run "Get-CSTeamsComplianceRecordingPolicy" again.
You will notice that the switch has changed to True for this option.

For 3rd party compliance based cloud recording for Teams please visit

This will disable the audio announcement only. It's not possible to disable the banner.

@rgjones this is about audio and not about the banner

@paul keijzers The instructions above are what our customers run to disable the audio announcement. 

@rgjones but he is talking about the banner that states this meeting is recorded.

“Having a recording disclaimer played before the meeting” to me sounds like he means the audio announcement. You can’t play a banner which is displayed throughout the meeting.


As this is related to the complaince recording policy this might only work when you're using a 3rd party recording platform that requires recorded users to be added to that policy. It might not disable the audio annoucement for adhoc recording using native Teams recording.