How to Add new invites to meeting in teams without sending invite to all existing attendees?

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Using the Teams Calendar function: Before a meeting is started, there is a need to add invitees to an existing meeting. Is there way to add the invitee so only the new invitee receives the invitation. Currently, when this function is attempted, all of the invites receive the meeting invitation. If you use Outlook Calendar, it gives you the option to update only the new invitees or all invitees. 


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The only option is to schedule the meeting through Outlook. Once you schedule the meeting through Outlook with one Organizer of the Meeting and then you want to add another five members Outlook gives you a option to notify only added members or to all the participants.

I don't for see any other option. Or as a Alternative you can schedule a regular Outlook Meeting with all the users and send the meeting link just 5mins before the start of the meeting..

Thats the workaround that can be used.

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Go to your Outlook Calendar; right-click on the event and select 'Forward' from the drop-down menu. That will invite new attendees without re-sending to all.



how to solve in microsoft teams meeting that not all attendees receive again the invite if you add a few new attendees?

@KamillaE It looks like the problem with just forwarding the meeting is that it adds them as an Optional participant.  I didn't see an option to make them least that was from Outlook on the Web.