How do you add a background image in Teams for Personal User?

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I'm looking for assistance on how to set a background image in Teams for Microsoft 365 Personal user? Also, are the steps to create a poll any different as well?

Thank you!


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Hello @Dr_Christina_Frye 


there are several resources online about how to change your Teams background - here's two:


Same with how to create a poll, like this one:


If these don't answer your question, feel free to do your own searches.

@ThereseSolimeno Thank you for the links! I can't access the link for the polls though; can you forward another? Appreciate your assistance!


Might be better do your own search online or on where I found this one so you can access it directly  @Dr_Christina_Frye 

@Dr_Christina_Frye per the video i just watched, there should be a "background image" icon next to the audio and video buttons. I do not have the background image icon. Nor do i have the "add background" option during a live video. 


i am using the free version of Team. is that why i do not have the option to add a background image?