How do I Call To An AudioCodes MP114 Through Ribbon from Teams?

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Have you had the experience of setting up Microsoft Teams to call to a paging device or other analog device and have it answer automatically?


I need to call an MP-114 AudioCodes Gateway through a Session Border Controller hosted on Ribbon.  The configuration had been set up but I am not able to dial to the device and have it pick up so I can talk across the speakers.  

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Hi Alfred,

I assume it's an FXS MP114 you're working with, and you have an analogue device patched to that?

First, you need to get the call from Teams to the Ribbon SBC by ensuring your Teams voice routes are setup correctly. Let's assume you have the call routing to the Ribbon SBC. You have two ways to interface between the Ribbon SBC and the MP-114: the MP-114 could register against the Ribbon SBC, or you can just route the call from the Ribbon SBC to the MP-114. Have you got this far? Are you registering your MP-114 against the Ribbon or just wanting to route calls from the Ribbon SBC to the MP-114?

Either way, you'll need a signalling group setup on the Ribbon for the MP-114, you'll need a transformation table configured, and finally you'll need a call routing table configured.

Do you have any of this configured? How proficient are you on Ribbion SBCs?


I am new to Ribbon SBC's. I will go through all of this in the afternoon and respond back. Thank you for your help.

I know this is an old post, I am looking for information on how to register the analog devices from an AudioCodes M500Li to a Ribbon SBC. I've registered the analog devices to AudioCodes SBC before and SIP phones to Ribbon but I am not sure on how to register analogs to Ribbon.