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Hi everyone hope your all keeping safe, well and sane!!


I have had the occasion to be in on line training sessions as a Teams meeting when the organiser can't Give Control to certain members of the meeting.

|All are external attendee's who have joined through web browser. Most are absolutely fine and it works ok, you do get the odd session where you can't give control to 1 or 2 attendees. In a small session today no one was able to be given control which is frustrating for the trainer and me, as we don't know why??? 

Our organisation has Teams deployed to 3K + employees  and we now have to deliver interactive training through Teams meetings to guests outside the organisation who access through web browser, this issue is affecting a small number of those guests.


Thank you in advance TechCommunity folk.



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Hi @GerardW   Just as a point of clarification, you're  using Teams and not Teams Live Events, correct?  And you're saying the external guests do not see the "share" icon (the box with the arrow)?  Or they see it and when they click on it, nothing happens?




Here is an article that talks about configuring desktop sharing - it might be helpful in this situation:

Hi @ThereseSolimeno, Its not share screen, it's when a screen is being shared and I want pass control of my screen to someone else in the Teams Meeting it only show 2 or 3 out of the 6 or 7 in the meeting




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Hey @GerardW 


If you are letting guest users to join in a Teams Meeting set-up inside your Organization,

then u need to Configure Meeting Policies in your Microsoft Teams Admin Center.

For The issue you are facing, Make sure you Turned on Allow an external participant to give or request control setting ,under Meeting Policies.


external users request control.png


For more Information you can refer the Microsoft Documentation Link below:





Do we need to create a new policy just to enable "Allow an external participant to give or request control"?

I can see under Global policy is already enabled, but still the request control” button was dimmed.

Any idea what else is missing?