Email Notifications for Microsoft Teams

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I've been scratching my head over this for a while now even after exploring all the forums, settings and admin panels, could someone please help in answering the following questions regarding email notifications for Microsoft Teams:

1. If I drop a message on Teams to a user in my organisation, why do some of them not receive email notifications? I've conducted this experiment where I've messaged 2 users, both have never used or signed into Teams before but one still receives email notifications and the other doesn't.

2. If email notifications are not enabled by default for all users, how can I enable it regardless of them having ever used Teams in any form or format?

3. If the above (2) is not possible, is there any way to invoke an email notification when messaging a user? @Chris Webb 

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@CriticaLog I have exactly the same issue, I am new to Teams but it appears that this basic functionality is missing.

Scheduling a meeting in a channel does not send an email to recipients. It only appears as a post in that channel/Team.


Some other posts suggest using Outlook "Teams add-in" to set up the meeting although that does not have the same functionality with regard to channels. but the meeting invite is sent to invitees via email!

Scheduling a meeting in Teams appears to only appear in the Team Posts , which then has to be opened and added to the calendar.  This is rather cumbersome and not very user friendly,  and not good unless you spend all day with teams open which many users  may not .