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i'm testing out Team Groups and DLs.


I noticed that when i create a DL on outlook, then i can create a Teams Group from my DL. 

I would love to know if there is a chance for the opposite situation. 


Can i create a DL from an existing teams group? I noticed that going to the teams sharepoint conversations it seems to already have done a mail with the group name, but can't find the related email. How can i create an outlook DL from a teams group? 


Thank you 

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@antoam7 Can you describe the use case in a little more detail? Why do you need a DL if you have a Team and thus can write posts in the Team's channels?

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Hi @antoam7 


See here


Upgrade distribution lists to Microsoft 365 Groups in Exchange Online - Microsoft 365 admin | Micros...


You can convert a Distribution List to a Microsoft 365 Group (What Teams is based on) however, you cannot convert a Microsoft 365 Group back to being a Distribution List. You would have to setup another DL in the Exchange Admin Centre or Microsoft 365 Admin Centre


Create and manage distribution groups in Exchange Online | Microsoft Docs


Hope that answers your question


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@Magnus Goksøyr to allow external people to send email to the related DL

so as i thought it's impossible to create a DL from a group... it would be very useful, there's tons of groups that could need a dl.
btw thank you so much :)

@antoam7OK, and I assume you don't want to invite these external users as guests in the team? If not, it could be a solution ( but, without for that matter recommending it or saying that it is a good one, it's actually quite ugly, to let the external users send e-mails to a channel. However, this has some limitations and requires that the configuration allows it. You can read more about it here:

Send an email to a channel in Teams (



However, my recommendation is that you add the external people as guests to the team and that you have the dialogue in channels in teams instead of communicating via e-mail (if the business case allows and enables this).

the scenario is an internal team of my company that should be able to receive mails from all the people of the company, what would u suggest in this case? thank you so much

A distribution list can be converted into Microsoft 365 group but the vice versa is not possible. Thus creating a DL from teams is not quite possible. Since teams is based on M365 group. Know more about distribution lists and how to upgrade them using PowerShell: