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Would anyone in this forum find it useful to be able to type a message in Teams (either 1:1 chat or a team thread), hit enter, and have that message not sent until the recipient's status is available? Ideally, this would be an option for which we could set a default (either on or off) and then toggle it for an individual message with a keyboard shortcut depending upon the message's urgency. Hopefully, it would be handled at the cloud level (not the local level like in Outlook) so that it is not dependent on the sender's computer being awake when the recipient's status becomes available.


There is an idea posted for this in a UserVoice forum, but it does not have many votes yet.


In my own organization, the people I most frequently need to ping spend much time in meetings or on client calls that I would rather not interrupt, but it hinders my productivity too much to keep checking on when they will be available. If I send a message during their meeting anyway, there is too great a chance they will miss it.  If anyone else would find this useful, can you please make your voice heard?

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I think this is a cool idea. I have voted on it and also put it up on Twitter to pull some more people in to vote on it. Would be great to see it implemented - as an optional feature at least.

Best, Chris

On the other hand, considering how reliable presence is in Teams currently, something like this might create even more problems :)


And it kinda goes against the whole idea of a "high-velocity" chat client. If people don't want to be disturbed, they can simply set the corresponding status. With the amount of notifications being generated, anyone that wants to see a message will do so, and for the ones that don't care there's nothing you can do anyway.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, but it may hit adoption too! Many people don’t use Teams as often as it would benefit them, meaning they would probably not be available as often, hence not getting any messages! This is the opposite of what they need! Of course this could be optional but it’s something to keep in mind!
Also if they’ve missed a message during a meeting or something they should get a mail too! I believe the DnD with the important contacts handles this scenario pretty well..
Just my take on it..


I would find having this option extremely useful or have the option to send the message at certain time. Im in Boston and most of colleagues are in Genoa Italy...which is usually a 6 hour time difference.  I don't want them to look at a non critical post 8 pm on a friday CET but I also don't want to forget to give someone a heads-ups first thing Monday. @adam deltinger 

I suggest putting this on uservoice

Regarding monday morning reminders, you can set up a scheduled message with power automate (flow) and the teams connector

@adam deltinger 


Not being in IT, I'm not totally sure what you mean. Could you elaborate?
Are you talking about using an automation from Power BI? I'm not sure my organization has that.


Also, I included the link to an existing UserVoice idea in my original post. At the time, it had no votes (I'm pretty sure I voted for it).

Update on the UserVoice post: It is up to 79 votes now, and my thoughts on this feature are duplicated there. Here is a link for anyone who wants to go there and add their vote.

Up to 88 now. A bit of momentum for this feature.

Best, Chris

Thank you for update Chris@Christopher Hoard 



I wish they would just listen to the community and work on this feature....

@adam deltinger the problem with Flow is that it is only for automation of processes that are going to happen for a given/known period of time, the feature in question here is for sporadic reminders or scheduled messages that will happen only once. If Flow had the no-repeat function, that will do it. But sadly, Flow is too much of a hassle for this simple task. Something in line with a command perhaps should suffice.

good Idea. Additionally a general delayed post by time or date would be helpful as well. So that daily posts can be set up in advance.
I went googling for this exact feature. Fully agree.
This feature would be especially useful across timezones of different countries

@tomus I think this is a fantastic idea. We have very distributed teams globally and so being able to time delay the delivery of a message would be fantastic.


I often time delay email deliveries in Outlook because of odd working hours and the same is true for my use of Teams!

I want to mirror this sentiment - I would also like to simply send it at a delayed time accounting for time zone differences.

I would find this very useful! The delay delivery or Boomerang is something I still have to rely on Outlook for. @tomus 

I think this is a great idea. Having this option available will allow answering messages from end-users manageable. Researching or waiting on answers from other colleagues can take time and often happen after the 8-5 pm shift.  Many people are now working remotely and time zones play another factor when responding to team messages. Many times findings or answers to questions happen after 5pm For those employees working late hours, having the delay send option will help tremendously. 

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