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We just setup a new teams room with the Logitech Rally Plus with a single projector. While joining a meeting, with several others on the call, we plug in a computer to share the screen. The default view is just the presentation, it makes the attendees faces go away. Now, it is easy to change the view to "combined view" which gives you shared content on large top with the other attendees in small frames across the bottom, but it requires user input, which makes it "not as easy". Is there a way to make that view the default? it would be the preferred view 99.99% of the time. 

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Currently there is no way to set an default view. There is an uservoice request available for the same topic, vote and comment on that one.


MTR combined view – Welcome to UserVoice!


And you might have seen this, new layout will come to MTR systems so this might help you. But this will be a later release.

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