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Hi All,


I use a Lenovo X1 carbon 6th Generation laptop along with a Thunderbolt Docking station. (Windows 10 operating system)


I use a usb headset for teams/ meetings and calls.  When I unplug my headset, Teams defaults to my docking station. When I plug it back in, my docking station remains as default without automatically placing my headset back as default. (My headset is defaulted for all sound devices)


My headset will appear in device options in Teams and I have to re-select it there in order to use it in -teams again.


I've found that even after unplugging my docking station and only having my PC speakers and internal microphone as options, Teams will not automatically default back to my headset.  It will remain defaulted to my PC speakers and internal microphone.


Teams only defaults back if every other sound option is disabled from the sound control panel.


However, other meeting software like Zoom and Cisco Webex automatically default to my headset (or whatever new sound device is plugged in) each time without me having to disable other sound devices or re-select it from the Zoom/Webex devices menu.


I and many other users at my company have noticed this behavior. Does anyone have any hints or clues to help us out? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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Hi @S_Smith705,


I confirm this behavior in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Skype for Business did it right, other messaging platforms also can do it, only Microsoft Teams not:


We also have to change the audio device each time we dock our PCs - very annoying!

agreed. We are seeing this on multiple devices. 

 @S_Smith705 I agree. We've seen the same thing here. When I dock, or even plug into a monitor via HDMI and it has speakers, it defaults to other devices despite me settings my local as default (through settings in Windows). I'm constantly going into the settings in Teams to make my laptop devices default for both speaker and microphone. No matter how I toggle them, it does what it wants and won't remember my default changes when I dock and move around with other peripherals.


Microsoft Teams always selects the wrong audio device for me too on my Windows 10 machine. I use a Yeti Nano microphone. Teams selects the Yeti Nano as the microphone (good) but then also selects it as the speaker too (bad). Every time I open Teams I must go to settings and change the speaker to a speaker. There is no way to save the "Custom configuration". Why doesn't Microsoft fix this bug? Teams should never select a microphone (Yeti Nano) to be a speaker. Yeti is among the most popular microphone brands. Please fix the bug or tell me how to fix it. Thank you.