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My team use a spreadsheet on Teams which uses dates and formulae using these dates for important appointments. 


The issue is that on two computers, right next to each other, one set of dates is in American format (MM/DD/YY), the other UK format (DD/MM/YY). We need UK format only. 


It has led to errors on estimating appointment dates whereby people do not realise it has converted to an American date e.g. assuming 05/04/22 is 5th April not 4th May.

As this is for hospital appointments, it is deeply serious it is correct.

Why is this happening? We all work in the UK and none are American. 


To remedy this, I re-uploaded the spreadsheet and made the columns formatted to UK dates, and as full date/word e.g. 4th May 2022 as opposed to 04/05/2022 but this means anyone whose shows as American still, despite also formatting the column to UK date on their computer, just sees "######". 


This is becoming problematic and frustrating - any help is much appreciated.



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