Clarity in Group Video Confrences

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Hi there,

My company plans to conduct group video conferences where multiple people are in the same room more often. The plan is to have a big screen and a single webcam filming the team. The problem is that the talking person won't be very visible and there will be no name tag. Therefore the customer we conference with might not be sure who is talking. 

Is there a way to gain some clarity in this format? say a name tag and a zoom on the person talking.
thanks nick

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@McCringleberry There is lots of Teams Certified hardware to make meeting rooms far more effective than a simple webcam, intelligent microphones and video options that will find people within a room.


I would suggest investigating Jabra Panacast or Neat Symmetry that have capabilities to focus on an active speaker (Neat being significantly more advanced). These can zoom the relevant speaker but I don't think you'll see a name yet; I would watch some of the announcements coming out at Ignite in October as I'm sure that's something that Microsoft have been thinking about.