Changing display name in the Admin Panel does not reflect in the Teams Windows Desktop Client

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Hello Teams Community,


I recently stumbled upon this issue when changing an user last name, the Microsoft Teams Client doesn't get updated accordingly. When opening the Teams Web Application and Teams Android Mobile App, the name is shown correctly. The issue only occurs in the Microsoft Teams Client for Windows.


When deleting the Cache and Databases from the Application Data folder the information gets "Refreshed" and the Display Name gets updated accordingly.


Here is the Script I used to delete the folders:

$VerbosePreference = "Continue"

# Force Close any Teams Process
Get-Process -Name "Teams" | Stop-Process -Force

# Get Microsoft Teams Paths
$TeamsRemovePath = @()
$TeamsRemovePath += Join-Path -Path ([Environment]::GetFolderPath('ApplicationData')) -ChildPath ("Microsoft\Teams\Cache")
$TeamsRemovePath += Join-Path -Path ([Environment]::GetFolderPath('ApplicationData')) -ChildPath ("Microsoft\Teams\databases")
$TeamsRemovePath += Join-Path -Path ([Environment]::GetFolderPath('ApplicationData')) -ChildPath ("Microsoft\Teams\IndexedDB")
$TeamsRemovePath += Join-Path -Path ([Environment]::GetFolderPath('ApplicationData')) -ChildPath ("Microsoft\Teams\Local Storage")

# Remove items
Remove-Item -Path $TeamsRemovePath -Recurse -Force -Verbose




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Yeah, this sound like a normal cache thing! Have you tried to do a full logout first before running the script?? That usually clears the cache also

@adam deltinger 

Hi Adam,


Yes, I've tried to logout, reboot, upgrade to latest version and the issue is already a week old, so it is persistent. All other team members within this group have the same issue. 


I've also cleared the cache and the databases folder, it did not help, after deleting the 

IndexedDB and Local Storage folder the issue was resolved.
Best Regards,


This happened to my MS Teams application on android.

My display name is changed in admin panel but bot in my ms team app.

@Glenn Goffin 

Thanks for your post, we are suffering exactly the same problem.  I'm not a sys admin but am having to administer a very small Team for for our company to implement remote working.  Could you kindly give me clue as to how to run your script?


Sorry for asking such an ignorant question.


Many thanks



@Glenn Goffin Thank you! This updated the user's name in Microsoft Teams on their end.  Do you know if there is a way to force Microsoft Teams to update that user's name for everybody else in Teams?

@Glenn Goffin 

Just an update.  As of version (64 bit), the issue can be resolved with a login and a logout.

Can confirm that this does indeed work. Just logout of the Teams application and log back in.
Hey guy,
I was also Facing the same issues, like i updated my display name from admin center and it was not reflecting only in Teams other office apps were fine.


delete teams

Clear advance history from
internet explorer (Important Step)
and from any other browser you have in you system.

Clear temps Steps:
1. %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams <-- in this location
2. Delete files from this folders : Blob_Storage , Cache, Databases, GPUCache, IndexedDB, LocalStorage, Logs, Tmp(if folder is present*).

After clearing perform below commands

Run PowerShell as an admin:
1. " Install-Module MSOnline "

2. " Connect-MsolService "

Then run the below to get the users current name
**change "" to you email**
3. " Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName "

Now what we need to do is we will change the display name to something temporarily and after that we will change it back to what you want.

4. so first lets run below code with a temp name
Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName -DisplayName "Garfield_TEMP"
<--- then enter temp name

Note: After this step please check that the temporary name is reflected in every WEB application .
(Clear history from every browser again)

5. Now we use the same (4) script to change the display name to what you want.
Set-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName -DisplayName "Garfield"

And you are done....
Now clear caches Again...

Download latest Teams and install as usual.

The problem persists till today.
Displaynames updated using Powershell by admin but
The old displayname still appears in TEAMS on mobile devices after all method described as solution.
The problem also exist in web-version Teams.
It seems that Microsoft just ignores the issue!