Change Outlook Calendar Invite to set Teams Status to Do Not Disturb

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How can I use my calendar invites in Outlook to automatically change my Teams Status to Do Not Disturb?


I schedule out specific tasks in my Outlook calendar so I can plan and manage my day better & I would like my Status to be set to Do Not Disturb in Teams during these periods similarly to this "Focus Time" feature which MS have developed.


I do not want to use this generic "Focus Time" term / feature as I like to set time aside to give my attention to a specific thing - it also helps me to remember what I should be working on and when.


Any help would be appreciated as I know the "Show As" function within an Outlook Calendar invite you can use this to Change your Teams Status to Away or Busy, but annoyingly.....not Do Not Disturb.... :S

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Uservoice open for this here

Would recommend to vote on it to push it up the agenda. By voting on it, you'll be notified if Microsoft picks it up. I think that this would be a great feature and I would love to see it introduced so voted it up too

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard - That's amazing, thank you Chris! :)

@nt_n15a I am actually looking for the opposite solution - how to turn off DND during Focus Time.  Don't judge ;).  It's a necessary evil at times.  Any suggestions welcome!


Anyway - I rename and categorize (and move around) my pre-set Focus Time blocks.  This allows me to earmark time for specific activities, while maintaining inclusion in Focus Time stats.  Maybe this helps you too.


I am trying to solve for keeping the Focus Time stats + being available in Teams concurrently - struggling to find an existing solution.


That's a great idea - I will try this too!


Thanks for your help :)

@katyh432 - This feature is now available
Open MyAnalytics -> Config Settings -> Plan Configuration 
Change "Silence Teams notifications during focus time?" to No
This leaves your status set as Busy.

Same! I'd like the "Focus Time" to set my status to "Busy" like it does in Slack, not to DND...
This is it!! Thank you so much for sharing. Took me looking through 10+ search results to find this thread and your reply

@katyh432 check here

@nt_n15a In the meantime, I copy a focus meeting and repurpose it. It triggers the DND like it is a focus meeting, but can be renamed and date and time changed.