Cannot Add Number In Teams - Location Not Found

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I'm trying to acquire a user phone number in Teams using the guide here


Microsoft Teams Admin Center > Voice > Phone numbers > Add 


The locations section does not return any results for my location, for example, Los Angeles. Instead, I get a "No results were found" error. I cannot continue obtaining a phone number without a location (it's a required field) so I am stuck. 


I have:

- purchased a calling plan 

- assigned at least one user to a calling plan 

- have attempted to "add a location" - no luck 

- have changed from Chrome to Edge - no luck 


Any assistance would be very helpful. 



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@Drew_Gato I haven't tested this myself but I know acquiring numbers in the new Phone numbers section in Teams Admin Center can be a bit buggy and Microsoft confirmed that and they are working on getting it better. Until that is fixed can you try the Legacy Portal instead, it should work there. If not contact Microsoft Support.


Click the "Add a location" button next to the field you're typing Los Angeles into.  I believe you have to add an "Emergency Location" first and then you can search for it.

This can also be done in the Locations section of Teams Admin.

@Linus Cansby 

I confirmed with MS support that this is a bug on their end. The support agent was able to reproduce on his machine. 


The support agent and I tried the Legacy portal option, but my account has been migrated to Teams and no longer has access to it. The agent opened a ticket to roll our account back to Skype (legacy portal access enabled). 

Thank you for the help - for others with this issue, open a support ticket!


@Josh Jandrain I had already done this when I posted - I should have included that as a step taken. 


If others are having this issue, know that adding a location did NOT solve in my case. 

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Ok - the workaround:


1. Create an emergency location. (Click the add a location button on "Microsoft Teams Admin Center > Voice > Phone numbers > Add" or "Microsoft Teams Admin Center > Locations > Emergency Locations")

2. Navigate to Microsoft Teams Admin Center > Voice > Phone numbers > Add 
3. Type some part of the emergency address created (not any part of the title), such as the street name, in the location box when adding a phone number. It should allow you to select the emergency address from a dropdown (with the titles displayed - go figure). 


Using a part of the actual address from the emergency address (and not the title itself) was the workaround in my case. 



I tried in Chrome and in Edge and still have the same problem.  I've added two emergency locations.  If I try typing ANY of the text from street number, name, city, state, zip that matches either of my two emergency locations it still says No results were found???!!!!!!

This is still not solved as of 3/14/2020

This fix does not work



Same here (UK) as of 4th June 2020.... anyone found a fix? Tried everything....

Still an issue 2020-08-19. Is anyone using Microsoft teams voice successfully?

I had the same issue and after playing around I have determine a couple of things to make this work.

1. You must be address field that auto search for the address not the manual entry. When creating the location
2. When searching for a location you need try differently elements in the address not all work. I had success when using part of the city to search by.

@CyberEng I was able to add a number after switching to the legacy ui. 

@Drew_Gato Great info. Teams Portal was not helpful for me but was able to use powershell to create different locations and then finally get new numbers added for the Area Codes we wanted (used local addresses)


New-CsOnlineLisLocation -Location "Company-City" -CompanyName "Company-City" -HouseNumber 1234 -StreetName MyStreet -City "CityofChoice" -StreetSuffix St -StateOrProvince TX -CountryOrRegion US -PostalCode 12345 -Description "Company-City" -Elin Company_City


**Just put relevant City and Zip codes**

Setup Phone System with Emergency Location for client: