Can't hear anything but Teams

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When I'm in a Teams meeting I can't hear anything else in my headset but the sound from the meeting.


It's like the headset only pulls sound from Teams and not Windows.


Anyone who knows how to solve this?

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I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but you're not understanding it correctly.


My problem is; when I'm in a Teams call and want to listen to music or something at the same time, I can only hear teams in my headset. 


When I'm joining a Teams call it's like my headset makes to different devices on my pc and it only plays sounds from the device where teams are on it.




Hope you understand :) 



Bump.  Have you had any luck finding a solution to this?  I have the same issue.  Would like to listen to audio on programs other than Teams while on a Teams meeting.


For example, someone may send a link to a video on Box or Youtube for everyone to watch but I can't hear the audio when playing the video on the browser because the Teams meeting is open.

@StK104 @jwschwaner Was having the same problem. I use a Bluetooth headset. After joining my call, I switched computer global sound via the speaker icon in the taskbar to my computer speakers and now I can hear audio in other applications (web browser video content) through my computer speakers and still hear my call through my headset.

@cate2020 it's something to do with the microphone because when you disable the mic connected to the bluetooth, you can hear everything as long as you dont use the "hands free ag audio". i dont knoow the specifics though

@olawav I think i found the soluttion.


In the volume settings you can have other headphones running that take the charm of the system and yours take the sound of the meeting.




You are a legend. I wish I found this solution 6 months back. 

@jwschwaner just go to the audio icon on the taskbar then you will get a list of options of audio output devices here you just select you headphones (if you use Bluetooth) then you will hear all the systems audio


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hi, @jwschwaner. I had the same problem, but i found an easy fix, all you have to do is go into the sound configuration screen, and select the stereo mode (instead of handsfree ag) of you headset as default, that should fix the problem

Man!!! Legend.

It Worked for me.


in taskbar in the search bar<sound settins<sound control pannel<communications<do nothing



I see that you also faced the same problem.... For this to work you need a pair of bluetooth headphones..... Ok first go to the speaker option on the taskbar and right click on it and then choose Open Sound Settings.. Then scroll down to the bottom most option

Choose the option under the Advanced sound optionsChoose the option under the Advanced sound options

Then choose the option of App volume and device preferences...

Settings 20-07-2021 01_13_09 PM.png

Then on the browser on which you are listening to music or the app itself and the change the default output to the speaker or headphones.... Settings 20-07-2021 01_17_23 PM.png And that's it..... Or you can just connect your earphones and then it will work on its own.... I hope it help as I am a student who likes music...

@07stanvh i feel this is a great solution but if u look at the microphone settings there is no stereo option connected with the headset ( stero mix is available which is the microphone of the system) so when we have to unmute and speak we cant access the microphone of the system is there any solution to solve this?

you guys are life savers! i have been struggling with this for months!



After being in distress for 3 months and finding ways to fix this problem, I found it Eureka!!! I can now sleep.


1. Search for "Find and fix problems with playing sound" (it will in in your Control Panel). Run the troubleshooter.
2. Or go to System > Sound > All sound devices > Properties


Either via Step 1 or 2, ensure to shut the damit "Enhance audio". Turn this bloody setting off, uncheck, disable it, punch it in the face.

This is turned on by MS Teams to help make your audio better, but ruins everything else. Enjoy your day buddy you got this, you can now use your system speakers back again. Love you!


BUMP!! Having this same issue, none of these fixes work for me. Raycon E25 pro earbuds.

Check your app permissions
Open Settings.
Under Privacy, select Microphone.
Make sure the setting for Microphone access for this device is turned On. If the setting is already turned on, turn the setting off then back on again.
Close all apps and restart your device.
Rachel Gomez
I just signed up to say thank you so much for posting this. You are a life saver! Thank you for being so wonderful!

@Roooney  Glad to know that it worked for you! Have a nice day.