Can't create Teams Meeting in Outlook - Office 365

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We have been having this issue in our organization for a few days. When trying to create Teams meetings in Outlook using the "Teams Meeting" button, it gives us the error: "We couldn't schedule the meeting. Please try again later." Is anyone else having this issue?

We're on Version 1905 (Build 11629.20246 Click-to-Run)error.png


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Ok, and this worked a couple of days ago?

Any changes in the environment at all?

Haven’t heard anything about it, but if it just stops working without any changes made, maybe creating a ticket would be a good idea
Prior to, I believe, Friday of last week, it did work.

No changes have been made to the environment.

I agree, making a ticket was the next course of action if no one has seen it.
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Yeah, do that! I haven’t heard anyone else so far! I’d also check the message center in the admin portal and see if there are any disruptions

@TravisSteele1 Have you received any feedback from MS? I have the same issue and it's hard to find anything on the web except proxy configuration that could cause it...


Yes, they did get back to me. For me, the issue was the latest Windows update was causing an issue. Once I paused my updates and uninstalled the latest cumulative update (which was KB4501371 at the time).


Other colleagues found that logging out of Teams + Outlook and logging back into them over and over also solved the issue. I hope this helps!

@TravisSteele1 Hi

Is this issue resolved? i am facing this issue. please help!

@TravisSteele1 Facing the same problem. Meeting invitation via the Teams - button in Outlook freezes Outlook for a certain time and gets the reply that it couldn't create the meeting in Teams. It worked for one time. Any idea or solution ? Thanks

We have the ZIMBRA connector (which we fear may be the reason for the error) but it is the same message, with different versions of outlook and different users, but in a cruel way it always reports the same "we couldn't schedule the meeting. Please try again later ".



I have a hybrid implementation office 365+gmail, users that have accounts in gmail and have MS teams cant create teams meetings, anyone knows solution for this?




@TravisSteele1 I am also having the same issue and I can't seem to schedule a meeting in Teams either, only Meet Now.  Do I have to switch something on somewhere?  How do I schedule a meeting? It should be so simple.  All the tutorials show a calendar button or meetings button on the left bar under 'calls' - how do I enable this?  

@TravisSteele1 Have you received any feedback from MS? I have the same issue. Thank you.

@Marco16669 and @TravisSteele1 I had the wrong licence - I had to upgrade as the one I was on gave me access to teams but none of the functionality. Take a look at the licencing options in the first instance.

Just wanted to drop by and say I had the same problem and fixed it.



I had my Teams-account in my teams client, but I didn't have that account added to my Outlook. I thought this was unnecessary as I assumed Outlook was talking to the teams client.


My solution:

Once I added my Teams account to Outlook everything worked fine!

Hello @SharkyMcStevenson,


Can you please explain what do you mean with "Once I added my Teams account to Outlook everything worked fine!". 


We use a Outlook 2016 and Teams. Some of our clients are using shared mailboxes. They receive the exact same error. What account to add?

@SharkyMcStevenson Same question, how do I add the Teams account to Outlook?

@Nopozr To use the Microsoft Team is necessary create a account with email and password. This account is necessary is set in outlook (email and password). Simple do that. I stayed a week with this error too. 

This is works for me! Very useful tip. Thanks


can please Explain a bit more ?

If that user does NOT HAVE a mail account, how can you add it to outlook ?




We have the same email address in Teams and Outlook so I am guessing that the Teams account is added to outlook.

Can you explain in more detail if there is anything we gotta do in outlook?