Can't call external Teams contact

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A customer is having following issue:

He wants to add/call an external Teams contact. When I add the external user as a Teams contact he shows up in the contact list. But I can't see the contact neither as a preview nor as a normal contact when I want to call him via Teams. Other users in the organization can call as well as see the preview and the external contact as soon as they've added him.

Is there any solution to this?
Thanks ;)

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I am having this problem I have just issued a user a new laptop all was sycn`d perfect in teams but he cannot call any external contacts via teams on the old laptop it worked fine. all the external contacts are teams users. I have searched and the only thing that could possbly work is the user must remove the contact from teams and re-add the external contact. currently with the new laptop he must first setup a meeting in outlook then call
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