Can IT support in MS teams see what I am doing?

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Our teacher told us that the IT support can see our activity on our PC. I would like to ask if this is true because it bothers me to that know people are actually looking at your activity without you knowing it is happening.

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Not through teams no, not unless you share your screen with them explicitly. But they can if they installed other software on your machine. If it’s your own computer then they can only see chats etc. in Teams with compliance controls. Not other activity on your computer.

Discord can see our Game Activity. MS Teams is an app from Microsoft itself running on the Windows OS which is also from Microsoft itself.

Are you sure they don't have the ability to see our activity? Please confirm :suprised:

In Microsoft Teams, IT support can use certain tools to monitor and troubleshoot issues, but they typically need to be granted permission by an administrator to access user data. However, it's always a good idea to be aware of your privacy and security settings and make sure they are set appropriately. If you have any concerns about IT support accessing your data, it's a good idea to reach out to your teacher or IT support team and ask for clarification on their policies and procedures. Additionally, you can always contact an IT services provider like to get expert advice on privacy and security for your devices.