Can i see who is removing users in a meeting?

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I need to know if I can see which participant of the meeting is expelling others, since this happens very often in my classes and I don't know how to detect who is specific.



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You can’t see this! I recommend setting people as attendees to prevent them from doing this!

See here:

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No, you can't see that but it have to be one of the presenters since attendees do not have access to kick out others from meetings.

Read more about Presenters and Attendees here.
Hi Linus, The university either?. I mean it's an institutional email.

No, there is no log of who kicked someone out from a meeting or who muted someone. There is no log that presenters, administrators or even Microsoft support can see. Maybe Microsoft have some kind of log somewhere but I doubt that they would use it or share it.

Thank you so much Linus

@Linus Cansby  hi.I need some help on teams. Somebody hacks my profile (I think so ) Somebody added someone to the groups or removed somebody from the groups with using my name.  But I hadn't done it. i have no info about these. What is the problem? how you can help me / 



We want to know this because we have a lots of problems during online class. Some one removes the teacher or the student and the innocent students also gets scolding. So, I request Microsoft to do something for our problem. Please do something or we will never be able to complete the class properly. Please.
Could you post the solution ?
I am faced same problem.

@vaibhavkk @Ajitesh_Shukla  As others have said, there is no log but you can be proactive in setting the students up as attendees instead of presenters to stop them from removing and muting each other.  Here is a prior post in this community:


And here is a YouTube video from a former MSFT employee:

@Nurana2020  this looks streange but in case your using an email that school or either work gave you contact the administrator since thye are the only ones who can change password but the profile depends how it is been "hacked" because iyt might be just the rappresentation wether your in a call then most of the times it chnages by itself in case the top information i asked is wrong then try to contact microsoft if it happens to have it onb other platforms check if you didnt save it on someone elses laptop either desktop and phone etc.....

ummm there is a hacker who is removing children's from the meeting sooo can u ban him or something


@Andrew_Walker1980 ya this happens but there are some tools(not official)out there 

either it is admin or someone hacked teams

@bp2525 How to check is someone removing students from my Teams meeting

I have a similar problem after having some disagreement with my team. I don't see any activities in the group chat since couple of days. I feel a depressed. It will be nice to see that feature.
Thanks in advance
Could you please share the link for that tool. I appreciate
Microsoft please make security patch up and that why some one who is remove me I can see person name