Can I download the transcript of MS Teams meeting using a direct link?

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I am trying to extract my meeting content and run NLP model to extract important information out of it.


Is something similar already present that can be leveraged. If not, is there a direct link available to download the meeting transcript from Stream app.

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Hi @Christopher Hoard ,


Thanks for the quick guidance, but I am looking for a direct link which can download the transcript file for me.


I am planning to call it from a program to run further processes on the data.




None currently. Would raise it as a uservoice on the Stream Forum here

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


That script cleaner link is not working.

Can you advise of another one please?


I'm exporting transcript from STREAM to Notepad.

Hi Jodi,


I was looking for a way to download the captions too in order to produce a transcript.


I couldn't find a clear way but this link will list all caption text without the time stamps (which although isn't great as I am wanting time stamps, it's easy enough to put them in afterwards):


All you need to do is download the captions file in VTT and add it in to the 'choose files' tab and then you can directly copy and paste it wherever.


I hope this helps you too @Jodi_Fleming 

It appears the link provided is no longer valid.  Here is  Microsoft's Stream transcript VTT file cleaner:


Additional steps to take for activating the subtitle captioning feature, which in turn allows the VTT file to be downloadable.  Upon downloading, you may have to append the file name with ".vtt".
(Tip: Since not all of the transcript may have been generated accurately, you can rewatch your video, edit the transcript text as you watch, and then perform these .vtt export steps to include your transcript corrections.)

Our current set up is Teams meetings get sent to OneDrive or SharePoint. How do I get the transcripts then?