Call Queues missing from Settings Menu

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Hello All,
Does anyone else have a problem with Call Queues (Opt In / Out) disappearing from the Settings Menu in the MS Teams Desktop client. I keep getting reports of this and have even had it happen myself. I think is could just be a performance issue, as sometimes it can just be slow to appear. But I think this could be on Microsoft's side rather than in our network.

I'm not sure if this is a 'know issue'.

Any ideas?

This is how it should look when it's working.

2020-09-23 11_20_21-Window.png


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Hi @Laurence Arbin ,


Due to the nature of this issue as it doesn't seem to be the fact that say the CQ has not been configured to allow opt out/in but that it is just slow or hit and miss. I would raise this with Microsoft directly via a support case.





@Laurence Arbin 

Laurence - did you ever get Microsoft resolution to this issue? It is happening to all my users today.

@jgadmin - No, I did not log this with MS as the problem is very intermittent. MS Generally want tons of user logs etc. And usually just say, update your computer, update MS Teams, log Teams off and back on. Usually by then the problem has resolved itself.

Intermittent Issue reported where several users have reported they are missing call queues in MS Teams application, issue got fixed after a while by itself. Couldn't find the root cause why it happened and how it got fixed.