Azure Virtual desktop (AVD) Microsoft Teams flickers green after some time when on meeting

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We have encountered a persistent problem with AVD Teams where the camera during meetings experiences flickering. This issue has been ongoing for the past three weeks. Some participants observe a green screen, while others notice general flickering. However, the audio remains unaffected. The problem primarily arises when there are four or more people in the meeting or when screen sharing is initiated. Additionally, the issue tends to worsen after approximately 10 minutes or more. It is important to note that this problem is specific to AVD and does not occur on our laptops.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Disable the "Disable GPU hardware acceleration" option.
  • Ensure that Teams on AVD and the Wertc software are up to date.
  • Teams is Optimize.
  • Verify if the issue occurs only when there are four or more people in the meeting or during screen sharing.
  • Check if the issue is specific to AVD and does not occur on laptops.
  • Remote Desktop client is up to date , tried a roll back same issue.
  • Changed the  settings on the host pool to session behavior & device redirection as per another post here. 

    What's going on ??
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i will share with you 2 screenshot to enhance the session behavior and the device redirection for audio and video. configure them and test your teams meeting again. 





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@eliekarkafyThank you.
I saw this on the other post , I have tested this seem to be same issue. 

are your users sitting behind any firewall or proxy that is filtering the traffic with AVD ?
No proxy but we are using Azure firewall.
1.Install Teams using machine wide installer (under program files) instead of user based (user profile) in multi session OS

2.When using optimization make sure you allow teams traffic from local LAN subnet to teams service (, else optimization wont work

3.For Good teams user experience in AVD always make sure to have RTT less than 80ms (more RTT =more Latency=bad user experience )
1. yes its on Machine wide installer
2. will test this & let you know
3. This is happening on multiple host pool. One host pool is RTT150 ms but the other is 18 ms. The 18 ms still have the above issue.
We're also running into the exact same issue with a similar setup. We have a host pool, have verified all the above settings/configurations all with the same results. It also just started a few days ago, so seems like it's not an isolated issue.


Its 100% not isolated. We have had this issue for the last month and still no further on a solution. 

Currently running Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). AVD Media Optimized.

WebRTC Redirector 1.33.2302.07001

Tried multiple SKUs

Remote Desktop insider version 1.2.4487.0 (x64)

Disable GPU on hardware acceleration ticked. 

Happening from with users from home so not local firewall related. 

occurring on multiple host pools



Does the Green Screen when sharing issue follow the version of the C++ redistributable on the Client

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 redistributable (x64) 14.32.31332 Not working
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 redistributable (x64) 14.32.28127.4 Might be Working (needs further tests). We have users who have never had the issue who have the old files on local laptop.



Our hosts have neither of those versions installed. The software load on our hosts is also very specific so we wouldn't be able to change the installed version. 


We've got a ticket open with Microsoft, waiting for their reply (not holding our breath).


I was referring to this being installed on the end users "Client" not the session host. anyway after further tests today we have replicated the green screen issue with the old re-distrubutables.   Do you use docks with mutliple screens and if so what is the make of the dock.  Have you managed to replicate the issue with one monitor (no dock).?


Sorry for the late reply - Step 2 completed to no avail.
I have only used the laptop screen & the issue still happens. I have raised this issue with Microsoft some time now. No Solution but keep on asking for logs which we have given. This only happens on AVD Team not my my laptop teams. We have close to 150+ AVD users. Not sure where to go from here :(
Hi, we're you able to fix this or found helpful solution? we've been facing this same issue for 2months now and still no resolution, almost tried everything. :(
We have the same issue as well. We have a support case open, but no real help yet, just generic responses that are not helpful.


So if this is happening to few companies, Why there is no MS health update ??

Microsoft Gave me below scripts to update on the local machine not in AVD. This fix the issue.
• disable_hw_decode.reg
• IsSwapChainRenderingEnabled_False.reg
BUT - Its causing whole AVD to freeze now when on meetings. :(
That doesn't sound like a good fix, then. We did not hear or reports of this issue until the last 3-4 weeks, so I don't know what Microsoft changed.

Anyone able to remediate this issue? unfortunately we are still facing this issue for months now.
and updates and other provided tweaks doesnt help. :\