Australian NBN screen share / video issues


I’m experiencing teams issues with screen sharing / video on Optus NBN. I have fibre to my house. 50 down 20 up.

About 6 weeks ago my colleagues noticed my screen share and video stopped working. I can see other people’s video and screen shares. Problem is outgoing.

I’m using teams desktop on my windows 10 surface laptop 3. Drivers, programs up to date.

Network is via a Google nest mesh wifi (2 weeks old).


Teams network check tool reports no problems.

Screen sharing works for ridiculously small screens (like 100 x 100 pixels) but fails for anything much bigger.

When I tether to a 4g connection or connect to the work lan everything is ok.

Teams web client has same issue. Also tried Mac desktop client which had same issue. All work fine on 4g / lan.

Teams reports no packet loss on call info. Everything looks fine.

I can connect to a VPN and everything works fine.

Optus (my ISP) blame Microsoft and say it’s something broken either in teams or in my network setup.

I’ve seen a few other people (Telstra /Optus) with similar issues over the last few weeks.

Has anything changed in teams since late May this year? It feels like packets are going missing between my fibre connection and teams servers.

Any advice would be great. Working from home is becoming difficult because of this problem.


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@graefos I am having exactly same issue with Optus NBN 100/40 plan; screen share and video is not ok. I know my another colleague had same issue with Optus NBN he switched to another provider and no issue at all. What I am doing now is - when I need to share screen I switch to Telstra 4G. I will switch to another NBN provider soon.


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FYI the fix documented here seems to have sorted it out for me:

I disabled the “video conferencing preferred activity” on my google home router.

The router is only a few weeks old. I had a netgear nighthawk which wasn’t either but am for now I’m good on my google nest home wifi.