Assigning a set of policies to an individual user at once

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I would like to add multiple policies to an individual user in  a single step using powershell commands.

I have gone through documentation very well but i cannot find anything which could help me. So is there any powershell command which could help me to do ? If it's there please let me know and if its not available can we create our own custom policy package ?


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No  @ChristianBergstrom , I was looking for a cmdlet where I could apply both TeamsMeetingPolicy as well as TeamsMessagingPolicy to a user in single step . Like a single cmdlet for applying multiple policies to a user 

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Have you had a look at policy packages:

Assign a package then customize the policy’s in the package

Then use power shell command To distribute this to one or more users :

See here:


@Desusai Hello again, Adam explained it well, I just provided the link. Good luck!

Hello @ChristianBergstrom  , Thank you for your response and spending your valuable time

Hey @adam deltinger ,Thanks for the response . I am quite new to Microsoft Teams and i am unable to customize the policies in the policy package as the options are blocked and i am unable to edit them. I had assigned Education Teacher package to a user and then i am trying to customise it but i cannot as it was blocked . Can you please help me out

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