Administratively adjust notification settings/options for users?

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I routinely face an issue with new Teams users (and quite a few not-so-new ones too) where they don't have notifications for important Teams or channels, etc. turned on, or they have inadvertantly misconfigured them and are no longer getting the notifications they want. It's one of the biggest adoption obstacles I've come across getting people to use Teams at this one particular org.

Is there any way an admin can go in and set or change notification settings for a user on their behalf?

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Hi! No there isnt..Any team owner can show channels for users (limited amount) which in turn you can use @ mentions for the channels! As already mentioned @mentioning is the simplest method of making sure most times that a message gets through

There’s a few uservoices of this too:
@mentions are completely abused. Once these same people find out about @mentions, they become a total crutch and they start @mentioning everyone and everything, and before you know it, you HAVE to use @mentions to get anyone's attention. It's a problem.
Yeah, I see what you mean! At least you can control @ mentions of teams on a owner perspective..