Admin center and Teams Display name not the same. Sync problem

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Hello Teams Community,


I have a Teams user account that I changed the display name with a support contact profile.
In Admin center the change is made correctly but it doesn't seem to filter through to Teams.
How can we align the two?


Gab is the name of the old user. This user now has his proper account with gab@mydomain but if someone in the company tries to search on Teams with his name, it appears two accounts. the new one (correct) and the old one (as if i haven't made the change)

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Hi @sdimi 

I have the same problem and still have not found a solution.
The problem is only in the desktop application. On mobiles and tablets, user names are updated correctly.


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Hi @sdimi

What about

1.) Log completely out of Teams
2.) Clear cache per this article:
3.) Log back in

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Many thanks Chris, this worked for me!

@timjly We have the same problem  I was reading that if you open the teams web app via that it should be updated within there.  This would eliminate any cache issues with a client not getting updated.  Assuming your AD is syncing correctly with O365. However for us, it still isn't updated.  Outlook on the web is just fine I can make a change on my on premise AD and see the changes in OWA minutes after the sync.   Previous threads and links below indicate this as an issue and the only magic answer is to open a ticket and then all of a studden it begins to work.  Looks like that is my next step.  Grrrrrr. So Frustrating.

Happy Earth Day all.


Hang in there!  I tried EVERYTHING to make my Admin Portal and Teams sync.  Well, after over a month of waiting it miraculously synced today!

When you say that it is synchronized with teams, do you mean that the other users who are with you in a team can see the updated information?

@Agario12334 Yes.  The names that I updated all display correctly now for everyone in our Team.  I t just took a really looooong time.  I just updated some new names two days ago - I'll let you know how long this sync takes to happen!

I tried your trick on both Macbook and windows. But unfortunately, the app still has the old information. I am not sure if you have any news after a year.