Teams does not refresh members information from Office 365 admin center

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Hi everyone,


I recently (about 2 days ago) updated my Company's members information (Office phones/Job titles/etc.) in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Everything went well as usual and all information are now correct.

The only issue is that those information are not refreshed in the Desktop Teams Version neither the Web Teams Version.

Is there a way to force the refresh ? Or is there a refresh rate, and if so, what is it ?

Thank you for reading.


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Good idea ! Cheers.. and hope AD “101 “refresh is on its way soon ..

@jmarkfarrington  The teams member info has been updated for me automatically couple of days after the prior discussion.

@tc173 I've tried everything and nothing worked. 


This saved the day :) 

This is still happening 2 years later.

It is solved - actually it was membership information that was very slow from admin. center to Teams it self - now it's very quick, maybe due to some update.

@Linda Drowe Petersen 

I Still got the problem...

User got an updated Job Title in December 2020 and now in January 2021 it still shows the outdated Job Title.

Really annoying.. :(


I have the issue.


When I updated the title of an employee in exchange, it updated the Outlook client the next day but Teams still shows their old title in the desktop app 4 days later. The Teams online does show the correct title though. 


I know that I can manually click "Check for updates" in the Teams app and it will then be updated, but I am not having all employees do that nor should they have to. Teams should just update on it's own.


Not sure where to look to solve this, but it needs to be solved?





I had this problem only in the desktop app. It got solved by signing out of TEAMS (incl. exiting the app) and signing back in again.



Yes, there are several manual ways to solve this, but I was hoping MS would step up to the plate and fix it to work the way it should which is updating on it's own. I shouldn't have to tell my entire company to sign out of Teams and back in every time we do an update to a users profile. That would be a stupid solution.

@mb2bme  That does not always work either.  We've also been told to clean out directories in the appdata folder to fix it.  Those are not fixes, most users are willing (or able to do in the case of deleting appdata folder) especially every time there are changes.  It also causes a lot of calls to support.  

This is still not fixed. 


I am now in the same boat as many other in this post (2 days in). I have cleared all cache and folders related to teams on desktop, cleared browser cache, logged out an in on both web and desktop, reinstalled desktop,  tried web in private browser and still no fix.


I changed the primary email and user name for one use but both are not being reflected in Teams Online or Desktop. When I add a new user I can find the new email address from the suggestions, but when I click this to add the user the details change back to the old user details. Currently open Team chat with the user is still showing the old details.


Very annoying and extremely unprofessional to tell the user you just have to wait maybe up to a week, but even then I can't be sure as there is no details from Microsoft about how to resolve this. It's just a wait and hope game. 

@'ll add a "Me Too".  We updated titles, and after a day it shows up everywhere in Office 365 including Teams Online, but not the Teams Desktop app.  Signing out and signing back in again fixes it for the person trying to view the Title, but we don't want to ask all 1,000 users to sign out and back in again every time we change AAD info.


Microsoft, please fix this.  (And add a simple button to clear the Teams cache while you're at it like we have for web browsers).

Very annoying for sure. I made AD edits to phone numbers and departments on 2 users - 5 days ago. This morning, Teams finally shows one of the user edits but not the other user. Makes zero sense. Just need to know WHY so that I can set user expectations.
This is not an issue anymore this is a community, same issue but for 4 new users. For some additionally, one of them can't log in to the account anymore as well when we did a name change, the email stayed the same. If anyone can help I would be grateful?
Small update I am not sure if this will work for you, but when I set myself as the Teams admin it changed the information instantly.

@Sclavi_dog66  - I was the ADMIN - I did an edit to test again.. Changed a person to a new OFFICE:


Saved - 

Here is the record in teams:


Prior entry was NY - It's been about 10 minutes... I will keep looking to see when the update applies. Thanks for the info !




Thank you for the update. I have this issue as well with one of our clients had the job title update. It shows updated on my end (teams web version) but still outdated on the client's end. I am not sure if they are on the desktop version - will try the steps i read here tomorrow and will update on what worked.

Change the user's location from Azure AD >> Users.
Wait for some time and you'll see the change.
Once you see the change go back and change it back. Seems like it refreshes the sync between azure and Teams for that user
Happy to try this again with this suggestion.: will report back findings