Team Members Title and Location not updating

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We move users around in Active Directory frequently. When we do this we update their Title and Office. In Teams you can see this information under "Manage team" (Location uses the Office field). We have noticed that this information is not updating even though it is elsewhere in our environment. Does anyone have information about how long these fields take to sync in Teams? Is there a way to force a sync? I have found that the only way I can get the correct information is by removing and adding the user back to their Team. 

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It's client caching usually that is the culprit. Try Right click + Quit and restart Teams and see if that clears, but it's usually a few days before things like photos show up. Check webmail see if it's up to date their since that usually is live data.

@Cole Spinney should show the latest contact info and for new chats for users that have not communicated before. 


I've yet to find where the native teams client on Mac and PC holds on to the previous contact info. There's a local db somewhere I assuming that can be deleted/recreated. Closing the app, signing out, or restarting hasn't had any effect on the cached contact for the past 2 weeks in my tests. . 

@Cole Spinney 

Give this a try it should work - 

Open Teams. 

Click on your picture icon.

Click 'About'. 

Click 'Version' .

Click on your picture icon again.

Click 'Check for updates' (This will check for any latest updates). 

Once updated you can see a message on top saying it updated with a refresh now link.

Click 'Refresh' link. 

Quit Teams and Open Again. 

Title and Office in Teams will get updated to the latest one in the active directory.



@MeenuS I have just tried that but the title is still out of date. There were no updates available so no 'Refresh link' to click on. I tried quitting and restarting after the check.


Any other ideas? It is annoying a lot of users.

It's annoying for people to see wrong/outdated titles. They cannot believe it's not possible to display basic infos correct. @microsoft When is this going to be fixed??


We are also seeking how to sync Title to Teams. We ran PowerShell to remove Manager and update Title for all users yesterday. Manager was successfully removed instantly from Teams, but Title remains unchanged. No idea how long it would take. There's no cmdlet to force the sync ?



Same issue here.  We use Azure AD Sync.  I've updated the correct organizational information in AD and yet Teams doesn't want to play.  O365 updates fine.  It's appears that Teams has an issue.  I'm not even certain where the old information is caching from.  Any help would be much appreciated.



@Cole Spinney 

same here 

change Titel to force sync still different information in Teams "Contact" and Teams "Chat"  Sales Engineer is correct and provided everywhere in Office 365, Head of is wrong and cames originaly from CopyUser in AD

2021-06-04 07_52_28-2021-06-02 13_50_11-Pettersson, Lars-Åke _ Microsoft Teams.png - Greenshot Edito.png

Finally a simple sign-out and sign-in again fixed the issue.

@Cole Spinney 


Get the script for clearing cache Helps



Action Plan


  • Login to Teams Web app and check if the issue is reproducible.
  • If the issue is not reproducible in Teams Web app and only reproducible in Teams Desktop app, please run the below commands.

Steps to Delete Teams Cache


Open Windows PowerShell on the affected machine and ran the below commands.


WARNING: The first command kills outlook and teams processes for the current user. Please make sure to save if there is anything important before executing the command.


Note: Close Outlook and Teams before running the command.


  • Get-CimInstance -Query "select * from Win32_Process where Name='outlook.exe' or Name='teams.exe'" -ErrorAction Ignore | Where-Object -FilterScript {$owner = $_ | Invoke-CimMethod -MethodName GetOwner; $owner.User -eq $env:UserName} | Invoke-CimMethod -MethodName Terminate > $null
  • Remove-Item -Path $HOME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\* -Recurse -Force -ErrorAction Continue


@chris_huwyler  This did get some of the information to update like the photos but not all the titles did.  This is the best band-aid I've seen for this yet.  

What does this say about Micro$oft when their flagship app still cannot update the information on the users after 3 years of people complaining about it?  This is just crazy.  How LAZY is Microsoft?  This should have been fixed years ago.  I can't tell you how much time I waste talking to users and telling them I have no way to fix this.  Maybe instead of spending so much time moving around icons and playing with colors it might be time to fix some real issues!



Hi Chris, having same prob here also from a copied user from AD, did the title ended up on updating for your user?


Hello At the end it synchronised the title, but it takes a week or so.

Not the best performance.

Be patient :) Christoph