Protect data on an unmanaged device

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For various reasons my employer wants to allow people to access their email (on prem right now soon to be exo) from a personal hone with absolutely zero management of that device.


Access can be granted easily enough but if that person leaves how do I deal with the emails sitting on the device?


Do I ban the native mail app and only require Outlook app?  Only allow email from Outlook if the devices unmanaged or some combination of using the Outlook app, CA policies, mobile device mailbox policy in EXO etc. allow me to prevent access to the Outlook app and therefore downloaded emails if their account no longer exists.


I don't care if they add their personal emails to the outlook app and then can't access it, they can just delete the app and reinstall it and add their personal email again.


Any ideas?


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Is this for iOS, Android or Windows? :)