Can´t use Microsoft Launcher on Android Work Profile

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We are starting using Intune and we are configuring and testing some settings.


We blocked the enrollment of Android devices using Administrator method and allowed only Android Enterprise. Synced apps from Google Play and assigned for my user. Teams, Word, Onedrive, Outlook and other are working pretty good using Work Profile, but I can’t use Microsoft Launcher.


Microsoft Launcher was installed and when I opened it, I put my credentials and the sidebar was displayed with my work information, but if I try to swipe, nothing happens.

Microsoft Launcher.jpg

Recent Apps.jpg

If I click home, my default home app screen is used. If I try to go to my phone settings to setup home app, Microsoft Launcher isn’t displayed:


If I install Microsoft Launcher in my personal profile, he works fine, but I can´t add my Work Account because of enrollment and conditional access restriction.


Any idea what might be going on?


Some screenshots with sensitive information hidden:

Company Portal.jpg

Device Status.jpg

Google Play.jpg

Work Profile.jpg


Intune 01.png

Intune 02.png

Intune 03.png


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I'am running into the same problem. Did you ever manage to resolve this issue?