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Hi everyone, 

Is it possible to time how long each participant took to respond to each question on an MS Form?

Is a count-down available for single questions on MS Form?

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@Elena007 that's not yet available in Forms.

Thank you for confirming this
There is no countdown for single questions, but you can time the whole quiz. My own issue is that i administered a quiz to about 1000 participants and the timer was set for 6 minutes. When I spooled the result, some responses showed 10 minutes. I don't know if that was a system glitch or something else went wrong. Kindly help.
How can I convert the questions on an MS Form into a JSON file, please?
Thank you very much.
Not sure, sorry. Hope someone will be able to help you.

@Elena007 you would need to build a flow in Power Automate, but the Parse JSON action won't create a JSON file, it will just create the JSON code and then you'd need to do something else to get whatever result you want. For example we always - always - save Forms responses to a SharePoint list. You don't need a Parse JSON action for that unless the responders can upload a file in the form. You'll need to give more information about what you are wanting to happen before I can give a more detailed response.


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@Elena007 You can now set a time to respond in MS forms. This will allow users to complete their responses in a set time and stops them from going over. It is in the settings tab under "Options for Responses" Answers are automatically submitted once the time is up! Note that the timer is not per question but for the entire form.


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@Elena007 that's not yet available in Forms.

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