How to upload and download data to Microsoft Forms to add feedback to the Form's responses?

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I am trying to start a project with the aim of using an AI such as ChatGPT to mark students' work, but I'm struggling with some steps, and I'm not sure if the process I want to use is even possible.

Currently I want to automate the following process after students have completed an Assignment set using a Microsoft Form in Teams.

  1. Download the spreadsheet of all the students' results.
  2. Submit the responses to ChatGPT for marking
  3. Putting GPT's marking and feedback into the spreadsheet
  4. Re-uploading the spreadsheet to Teams/Sharepoint/where ever it needs to go

I have written Python code to do steps 2 and 3 fairly easily, but I cannot seem to solve steps 1 and 4. Is this even possible? I am happy to use Python, Power Automate, or whatever, but there has to be a way to access this data in the background to avoid me having to manually copy and paste AI generated feedback into response boxes in a Microsoft Form!

Any help greatly appreciated

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You can create a form in OneDrive for Business to generate an online Excel worksheet with automatic data syncing in a SharePoint site. This means you don't have to download and re-upload the file in your scenario; instead, you can access the Excel content by reading the online document.

I cannot seem to solve steps 1 and 4

You need build your online form rather than MS Form if need more automation.
Django Web is available for creating your own dynamic site with Python.
And Php or asp also provide this function.